RealTraffic status page

If you can reach this page and there are sensible numbers displayed below, chances are everything is up and running and fine!
Number of aircraft tracked in the past 60 seconds: 11,979
Number of position records stored since the beginning of the hour: 3,558,721

Currently flying user aircraft:

Hex IDCallsignTypeRegistrationLatitudeLongitudeTrackAltitudeGround SpeedFromToKML Download
FF0001KLM123B738PH-BXH50.0321648.58571529400AMSFRAKML of last 24h
FF0013pvi1015B7371015-2.423669-54.78576633403LIMLMMKML of last 24h
FF00A8TEX51B74761.182152-150.001153165013DFWORDKML of last 24h
FF00DDVOI732A320XA-VOZ32.478972-114.9985311250505MMMMMGKML of last 24h
FF0109Kl773B777PH-BVD39.27826243.6213430935987500DXBAMSKML of last 24h